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Common problem
  • More information about payment terms?

    We can accept Paypal,T/T and Western Union for money transfer and cash.

  • What if the products are defected after we get the goods?

    Life-long free maintenance and good after-sale service is our promise.

  • How about the Packaging & Shipping.

    1. Packaging: 

     *Standard packing in plastic box or opp polybag

     * Final packing with a Carton

     * Special customer packing is available too, but surcharge is required

     2. Shipping: 

     * Sample delivery time will be in 5-7 working days and mass order delivery time wil be 7-15 working days

     * By air, by sea or by express(Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT etc)

     * Shipment cost will depend on the destination, shipment way and the weight or volume of the goods. 

  • How to detect nozzle ?

    The nozzle problem initial is slightly, so are often ignored. With the change of the throat, the spray characteristics of the change gradually, and can be monitored.

    Flow rate: Use centrifugal pump, when the throat constantly worn , under definite pressure, flow increased. Increase in such traffic is not easy concept found; it is recommended that regular traffic detection. The flow can be detected by detecting the flow meter readings, or Indicator Section, using the Indicator Section method water quantity measured within a certain time at a given pressure. On these readings and sample readings compared, or to be compared with a new, never used a nozzle readings. Throat wear when using a reciprocating pump, the water flow constant, while the pressure drop in the liquid conduit.

    Spray pattern: flat fan nozzle throat damaged, blocked or bond, the un-even of the spray pattern changes very easy concept to be found. And Throat gradually wear, the spray shape of the change is not easy concept found, until the 

    flow rate is increased substantially when the concept found. For the requirements of the spray coverage of a very 

    uniform application, require the use of special equipment or testing to detect the uniformity of the spray pattern.

    The fan spray nozzle throat with elliptical shape of a thick fan or the tapered edge of the blade-shaped, and thus the distribution of adjacent nozzles overlap is very satisfactory. Angle spray pattern contained in the concept will be able to 

    be found to reduce wear Throat. You will find more water flow in the center, so that the water distribution increase. 

    Can also be found that the spray shape in the strip, hollow.

    Hollow cone nozzle - basically a liquid ring, the spray pattern of uneven bar was mainly in certain areas.

    A solid cone, square, or oval-shaped spray nozzles, the spray pattern unevenness of some extent the fan nozzle, the

     more water will be concentrated in the center. The spray pattern changes caused by the clogging of the solid inside

     the nozzle blades are not regular.


    Working pressure: pressure changes caused the nozzle quality is difficult to be found. The use of centrifugal pumps,

     spray pressure remained unchanged, but the liquid flow usually increases with the wear and tear of the nozzle throat. The traffic increase will lead to increased costs of the spray liquid.

    If the reciprocating pumps, flow is kept constant, the injection pressure will be reduced with the nozzle wear or corrosion. Low injection pressure reduces spray hitting power. If the nozzle is clogged, the injection pressure rise may exceed the maximum pressure allowed by the system, causing equipment damage or personal injury.
    Ejection pressure cause to change spray coverage area.
    Particle size: with nozzle wear or corrosion, the flow increases, the pressure drop, resulting in larger spray particles. This problem usually can not be observed, but through the application of the results can be analyzed.
    The nozzle alignment: when a nozzle upload multiple flat fan nozzles  that require a complete uniform coverage, requires that all nozzles inter accurate positioning, that is, all the fan-shaped spray pattern accurate alignment to ensure accurate coverage Area. All spray must be mutually parallel, and with the nozzle into a 5 ° - 10 ° corner. Otherwise, the entire coverage will be uneven.