CY Spray offers a large variety of high-performance spray nozzles for the fire extinguishing, fire prevention and asset protection systems.

They are proven to work in the most demanding and mission-critical environments and are trusted to protect offshore drilling and production platforms, petroleum storage and transfer stations, LNG tanks, refineries, and other valuable industrial complexes and equipment.



  • Tunnel / Subway
  • Coal industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • More Fire Protection Applications
  • Food processing industry

Nozzles selections for fire extinguishing

The most obvious application of nozzles is to deliver sufficient water, foam or other fire-retardant liquid to the area in which fire has broken out in an attempt to put out the fire.  This can be achieved by either drenching the fire with large volumes of fluid or, more subtly, by spraying very fine mists which are rapidly evaporated displacing oxygen and suffocating the fire.  These two different approaches require very different nozzles.  Typically specialist spiral nozzles will be used for the drench type systems and misting nozzles for the fog type applications.

Nozzles selections for fire prevention

In certain situations nozzles can be used to reduce the risk of a fire starting in the first place.  Typically these will provide a low level of wetting to the area to raise the ignition point of the area.  More subtly nozzles can also be used to increase air moisture to reduce the risk of static build up in some areas where sparking might pose a fire risk or can be used to reduce the level of dust in an area which might pose a fire or explosion risk.

Nozzles selections for asset protection

In certain situations nozzles will be used to protect key assets from the effects of a fire but make no attempt to actually extinguish the fire.  These assets may very well be gas tanks that might pose an explosion risk if heated.  Alternatively the nozzles may be used to provide a ‘water corridor’ giving safe route out of an area for any people trapped in a fire zone.  The nozzles required for these applications will be relatively high throughput and typically with a more directed cone of spray than say fire extinguishing nozzles.

More Fire protection applications:

  • Electric appliance fitting section
  • Pressure vessel
  • Coal Store section
  • Horizontal multi-layer drier
  • Rocket and missile test bed
  • House and common building
  • Mine
  • Convey belt channel
  • Nuclear power station fire protection
  • Oil trough and gas trough fire protection
  • Oil station tank car
  • Rocket launcher fireproofing insufflation
  • Deposited jar
  • Pipeline of steel mill and epurating mill
  • Liquefied petroleum gas trough and tank car
  • Shipping and pgeboard
  • Offing oil field
  • Transformer substation and farming machine substation
  • Bin char prevention

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