Humidification is a process of controlling the humidity of the air, it’s necessary for some application to adjust the humidity like the warehouse, electronics factory,  greenhouse and any other application where humidity is critical to the process.

Increasing the humidity levels can be important in a variety of environments.  The key to successful humidifying sprays is the controlled spraying of finely atomised sprays.  If too much liquid is put into the system then condensation or precipitation may occur.  If too little is put in then the desired levels of humidity will not be maintained.

Common Humidification Application:


Electronics factory

Moisten air in ducts


More humidification application

General principle of humidifying systems

Humidifying systems generally only require very moderate levels of spray.  The amount of water needed to raise the humidity of a given environment will depend upon:

1- The ambient humidity level i.e. the starting point.
2- The rate at which the air in the area is exchanged with the wider atmosphere.  This will depend upon ventilation and air movements.
3- The temperature of the room. This will affect evaporation rates as well as the overall carrying capacity of the air.

In order achieve swift humidification from a spray nozzle one needs to keep the droplet size as small as possible and to distribute the water over a wide area.  This will help the small droplets evaporate into the air as quickly as possible raising the humidity level.

Selecting a Humidification Nozzle—Air Atomizing Nozzles/ Dry Fog Humidifier/ Fine Mist Nozzles

More Humidification Application for Space and Local Resistance:

  • Adjust air humidity in printery
  • Prevent electric-static of the plastic parts and electronic parts
  • Thermal insulation in storeroom for bloat fresh fruit
  • Humidify for printery
  • Silica gel and coating in press cylinder
  • Oxygen chamber in hospital
  • Twig cutting flowers freezing chamber
  • Spray drying LCF-A facility adjust the temperature
  • Pavilion
  • Spray pond
  • Prevents the coated paper cambered surface to split mushroom cultivates
  • Humidify for textile workshop
  • Humidify for cellphone
  • Cold holding room
  • Humid room
  • System for paper humidifying
  • Humidify for corrugated paper system
  • Man-power snows machine
  • Mist producer for garden

Important factors to consider:

  • Initial and desired relative humidity levels
  • Size and shape of area to be humidified
  • Ventilation rates & air currents in rooms or air flow rate & velocities in ducts
  • Temperature and environment
  • Water quality/filtration
  • Type of nozzle and spray pattern being used
    • Available nozzle mounting locations and nozzle spacing
    • Availability of compressed air
  • Nozzle material
    • Stainless steel is a common selection to resist corrosion in humid environments

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