In the paper & pulp fieldspray nozzles are mainly used for edge trimming, cleaning, and air control. CY Spray have cooperated with several paper-making plants, and have developed sorts of the special nozzle for it.

Common Nozzle Applications in the Paper Industry

Air Control
Using compressed air to direct sheets of paper during processing
Cleaning / Washing
Removing debris from the process conveyors
Doctor blade
Clearing the buildup of paper on the scraper or doctor blade in tissue mills
Drum and Tote Cleaning
Chemical totes and drums
Shaker screen wash
Cleaning off heavy particulates from filtering screens used in recycled paper mills
Tank Cleaning
Stock chests, holding tanks


Dust Control
Spraying water in the recycled paper holding area in order to suppress dust clouds
Edge trimming
Straight jet nozzles are used to trim paper to the desired size
Lubricating the machines and materials used during paper processing to prevent binding or clogging
Moisturizing & Humidification
Spraying onto the paper before the roll, in order to get a specific moisture
Humidifying the holding area for paper rolls

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