Industrial cleaning

Cleaning refers to any spraying process that is used to wash a product, area or machines.  Cleaning is differentiated from the more specialist tank washing application which is dealt with in its own application section and also from disinfection which also has its own application section.

Cleaning and disinfecting in manufacturing and industrial facilities is of paramount importance.  This is particularly true in certain industries such as food processing, dairy and pharmaceuticals.  In these high use industries a poor cleaning regime can literally result in the closure of the business by standards agencies.

With the arrival of the Coronavirus, effective equipment to assist in cleaning and disinfection has become important not just for the industries above, but for virtually every sector of the economy.  Please see our full Cleaning and Disinfecting Brochure for all our industrial cleaning solutions by clicking on the brochure icon to the right.

Spray nozzle and equipment for effective cleaning

Effective cleaning consists of four elements: chemical action, time, mechanical action and heat.  Each of these elements contributes a certain amount of ‘cleaning power’ in any given tank cleaning operation.

An increase in one element means other elements can be reduced without compromising overall cleaning.  Conversely a reduction in any given element must be compensated for by a corresponding increase in one or more of the other elements if cleaning is to be maintained.  The relative contributions of each element varies considerably depending on which type of cleaning system is deployed.


  • Mechanical action can be increased by using jetting nozzles, fan nozzles or wash down guns with higher pressures
  • Heat can be modified by increasing the temperature of the cleaning fluid
  • The chemical action component can be increased by the introduction of caustics and disinfectants
  • Foams can be used to increase the time component of the mix by ensuring cleaning chemicals stay on the target for longer

Selecting the proper nozzle for your industry not only can decrease your cost but also increase efficiency. Look up the recommendation in below or directly tell our expert what you want to clean.

How to select the washing nozzle

1.For tank cleaning, it’s recommended to use tank nozzles, it’s very convenient to implement in the confined room.

2. For the papermaking industry, Narrow-angle fan nozzles are usually applied for its power liquid impact and easy implement.

3.For high-pressure washing, fan nozzles are normally recommended, it’s powerful impact and lined area can effectively wash what you want.

Hollow cone nozzles and full cone nozzles also are used in some situation for cleaning, like conveyor washing.

More Application Of Spray Nozzles For Washing & Cleaning :

  • Semiconductor water cleaning
  • Waste gas desulphurization
  • Cement mixer’s high-pressure cleaning
  • Beverages barrel’s self-cleaning
  • Processing chemical cleaning for automobile, motorcycle and domestic electric appliances and so on
  • High pressure washing
  • Electric circuit board cleaning
  • Circuit chemical cleaning
  • Beer bottle cleaning
  • Mirror industry glass cleaning
  • Clean the sand on the strainer
  • Sand, coal, gravel washing
  • The paper mill wool blanket and netting clean
  • Tank and inside surface of tank cleaning
  • Biscuit packing environment for food-processing
  • Strainer and filter
  • Fruit & vegetable washing
  • Bottle capsule clean for food processing
  • Mirror industry glass cleaning
  • Clean industrial equipment
  • Metal cleaning and processing
  • Container washing
  • High pressure water for dephosphorization on the surface of rolled steel
  • Barrels self-cleaning
  • Plastic containers cleaning
  • Various of containers and oil tank cleaning
  • Clean the floor in processing workshop

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