Spray Nozzle

120 degree stainless steel wide-angle flat fan nozzle for steam cleaning equipment


Foam knockdown.

Spray agitation.

Spraying eliminator plates.

Water curtain.

Spray flow rate under the condition of same medium is roughly proportional to the square root of the spray pressure increase or decrease any nozzle under a certain pressure flow can be calculated at any pressure of traffic and set a known spray flow for Q1, corresponding pressure for F1, known pressure of F2, unknown flow Qx, its relationship to the table lists the spray coverage in the shape of a theory is based on the spray Angle and jet distance and calculated. These values are the assumption that the spray Angle of the base dry spray remains constant throughout the spray distance. In practical application, the spray Angle included in the table does not apply to spray distance. The spray Angle included in the table shows an approximate spray cap range based on water. In actual spray, the effective spray Angle is due to the spray distance surface meter, if the required spray coverage is critical, the specific spray coverage data. When the liquid is more viscous than water, the spray Angle is relatively small (or even small)
The Angle depends on the viscosity, nozzle flow and jet pressure. Liquids with surface pressure lower than water produce relatively wide spray angles as listed by water.

Common Application

Wide moving product or air stream.

  • Design operating pressures are generally lower than for other types of nozzles.
    angle flat fan nozzles provide a very wide spray pattern up to 160 degrees, suitable for damping or
  •  wetting a
  • Rated flows are from 0.11 L/ minute to 850 L/ minute; operating pressures from 0.2 Bar to 20Bar; spray

angle is up to 165 degrees depending on supply pressure.


Model W wide angle flat fan nozzles
Material SS316,SS303,SS304,Brass
Thread size 1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4,1″ male thread
Spray pattern Flat fan
Flow rate 0.11-410 L/Min
Spray angle 73-150 Degrees



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