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3/4SS Fire Suppression Open Type Fogging Nozzle Fire Water Mist Nozzle Fog Nozzle Mist

High-Pressure Water Mist System is composed of a pump unit, nozzle, valve unit, and stainless steel pipe, etc. The working pressure is set to 10Mpa. The system has a linkage to the automatic alarm system. It is responsive, stable in flow rate, uniform in water mist, easy for maintenance, has excellent extinguishment characteristics and price/performance ratio.

1.Have good coolen and evaporation effect
2.Fog features strong infiltrate ability
3.Large covrage for fire protection area.
4.Compact instruction,easy install
5. A filter and filter screen was added for cleast clog fog nozzle,there are 5 ,6 or 7 spray tips on body,each spray tip aslo have filter screen in oder to double filtration effect.
6. Unique internal design,it is benefit for controling spray angle and flow rate also prolong using life.

Common Application

* Very fine droplet size, Class I water mist.
* High spray momentum, the good ability for penetration of fire.
* Very fine atomizing droplets, Good dispersion effect.
* Fog-like droplets remain in the air for a long time.
*Small water consumption, environmental protection, high efficiency.
*The ability to quickly reduce ambient temperature.
*After release, the economic loss is small.
Model Code K factor Working
Flow rate(L/min) Max. Distance between nozzles Max fit height Qty of

Nozzles tips

XSWTQ0.3/10 0.3 10-14Mpa 3.0-3.5 3m 5m 5/6/7
XSWTQ0.5/10 0.5 10-14Mpa 5.0-5.9 3m 5m 5/6/7
XSWT0.7/10 0.7 10-14Mpa 7.0-8.3 3m 8m 5/6/7
XSWT0.9/10 0.9 10-14Mpa 9.0-10.6 3m 8m 5/6/7
XSWT1.0/10 1.0 10-14Mpa 10-11.8 3m 8m 5/6/7
XSWT1.2/10 1.2 10-14Mpa 12-14.2 3.5m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT1.5/10 1.5 10-14Mpa 15-17.7 3.5m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT1.7/10 1.7 10-14Mpa 17-20.1 3.5m   10m 5/6/7
XSWT2.0/10 2.0 10-14Mpa 20-23.7 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT2.5/10 2.5 5.0-10Mpa 12.5-29.6 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT3.0/10 3.0 5.0-10Mpa 15-35.5 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT3.5/10 3.5 5.0-10Mpa 17.5-41.4 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT4.0/10 4.0 3.5-10Mpa 14.0-47.3 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT4.0/10 4.0 3.5-10Mpa 14.0-47.3 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT4.5/10 4.5 3.5-10Mpa 15.8-53.2 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT5.0/10 5.0 3.5-10Mpa 17.5-59.2 4m 10m 5/6/7
XSWT5.5/5 5.5 3.5-10Mpa 19.3-65.1 4m 10m 5/6/7
Operating Temperature/Colour Brand Model Code Diameter RTI[sqrt(ms)]


JOB F2/S2 Ф2 19


JOB F2.5 Ф2.5 24


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