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9.52 MM 1/8” Nylon PE Pipe For High Pressure Misting System

PE pipe 3/8”. PE tubing. Hose. used for mist cooling system
Material: PE
Size: 3/8”

Polyamide, referred to as PA tube, nicknamed Nylon tube.It is a kind of synthetic fiber with good physical and chemical properties: wear resistance, can be used under the condition of sandstone and iron filings; smooth surface, reduce resistance, prevent rust and scale deposit; soft and easy Bending, easy to install and easy to machine.Nylon has many characteristics, so it is widely used in automobiles, electrical equipment, machinery, transportation equipment, textiles, paper machinery, ect



Common Application

1.The nylon pipe are used for high pressure fog system.

2.IT widely used in Garden restaurant, villa garden, golf course, gas station, toll station, bus station, playground, logistics, farm, flower, park, corridor, balcony, rooftop, shop, storefront, catering, tea shop

Nylon pipe

Max working pressure :110bar
Working at -40℃-120℃
Easy installation
Double life & double anti ageing ability

PE pipe

Max working pressure :90bar

Working at -30℃-80℃

Cheap price


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