Spray Nozzle

Customized venturi aluminum sleeve single inlet carbide sandblasting nozzle

Nozzle material Steel Shot and Grit Expendable Abrasives Aluoxide Abrasives
Alumina 20-40 10-30 1-4
Tungsten Carbide   500 – 800  300 – 400 20-40
Silicon carbide 600-1000 400-600 50-100
Boron Carbide  1500 – 2500 750 – 1500 200 -1000

1.Using over 99.95% high purity tungsten carbide powder, it has a better strength and hardness combined with a longer service life

than the normal one.

2.Using ultrafine grain size of tungsten carbide powder to produce,Hardness can reach to HRA93.6, Bending strength can reach to


3.Tolerance can reach to ±0.001mm, straightness can reach to ±0.02mm

Common Application

Items Unit Date
Hardness HS ≥110
Porosity Rate % <0.3
Density g/cm3 3.05-3.08
Compressive MPa >2200
Fractural Strength MPa >350
Coefficient of  expansion 10/°C 4.0
Content of Sic % ≥99
Thermal conductivity Cal/cm.s. °C 0.30
Elastic Modulus GPa ≥400
Temperature °C 1300
 Type No. ID(mm) Exit Dia(mm) Length(mm)
CY-17840B 4.8 7.5 54
CY-17850B 6.4 9.5 54
CY-17860B 7.9 11.1 54
CY-17870B 9.5 12.7 54
CY-17880B 12.7 15 54
CY-17841B 4.8 7.5 150
CY-17851B 6.4 9.5 150
CY-17861B 7.9 11.1 150
CY-17871B 9.5 12.7 150
CY-17881B 12.7 15 150


CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD was founded in 1997 and located in Chang an town, Dong guan city, Guang dong province, China. Specializing in the production of spray nozzles, plastic nozzles, mist nozzles, water treatment nozzles, sand blasting nozzles and other metal or plastic products. We has been formed R&D, production and sales of high tech company network integration. 

CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD has Japanese automatic CNC lathes(precision<=2um) and measurement systems for the nozzle follow,angle,impact, force,water distribution ,particle size ,etc. Detection accuracy are reached international level that we can supply a god quality products to our customers.

Our products of high quality widely used in a variety of coating, electroplating, electronic, steel, environmental protection and dust removal, purification, paper making, textile industry, food, vehicles, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, paper making, ship making , humidifying, disinfection, cleaning, sand blasting, water treatment etc.

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your spray nozzle need, on-time and on budget.

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