Spray Nozzle

heavy fuel mist oil burner nozzle with hollow solid semi full cone spray

  1. Controllable pressure setting and coverage area.

2. Air powered, two stage atomization system.

3. Twin control design, effectively prevent nozzle clogging.

4. High quality spray particles, avoid wetting the ground.

Oil burner nozzles are designed for domestic and commercial high pressure oil burners operating with light or heavy fuel. An optimal combustion process is only achieved by a perfect match between nozzle capacity and spray pattern, air supply and air distribution and the design of combustion chamber.

Common Application

1. With a built-in check valve, produce very small droplets at a size of 40μm at water pressure

2. The smallest size can be 20μm

3. Misting Spraying could be as fine as that of air atomization Nozzles

4. Full Cone Spray Pattern and Spray angle 60° at pressure of 7 bar, with very uniform coverage

5. Compact connect construction, with Sintered filter, easy for cleanness and maintenance for premium.

6. Suggested inlet operation pressure above 5 bar.


Hollow Cone Spray Pattern

Hollow spray pattern with higher volume concentration in the periphery of the spray. Well suited for low firing rates and burners with hollow air pattern.

Semi Solid Cone Spray Pattern

Semi solid spray pattern which is the optimal choice for applications where exact air pattern or spray pattern requirements can’t be established.
Solid Cone Spray Pattern
Even distributed spray pattern – well suited for burners with even distributed air pattern. Well suited for high static pressure flame retention burners.


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