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Minipleat HEPA Air Filter H10-U16 with 100% Scanning Test Installed in Clean-Room or Air-Purification or Ventilation System and Equipment.


1.The filtration material is made from non-woven fabrics, and the synthetic fiber. It has the advantage of the large dust holding capacity, the low pressure loss in the initial period and lager air flow.

2.The filtration material compounds with the material net, and is designed into the foldaway, which will provide the current air with the largest filtration area, 5 times’ filtration area as the common plane mesh. Paper frame and metal frame are available, which is convenient for replace, less purchasing expense.

3.The moisture-proof: 100%;

4.Heat resistance: 80℃;

5.The rank of the filtration: G4.F5.F6.F7.F8.

100% scanning leak test, water-proof low resistance media,light weight,none-corroding,dependable seal system.Used as terminal air filtration for clean-room with ultra-stringent requirements for clean air quality and sterility in industrial processes like pharmaceuticals,photovataic,electronics;Also used in supply/exhaust system of hospital operating theaters,intensive care units and of purifying equipment like biological safety cabinet and pass throught cabinet.

Common Application

Air purifier replacement filter

In air conditioning system, can extend the service life and high efficiency filter.

Materials and operating conditions:

Frame Anodized aluminum;Stainless steel;MDF
Medium Micro glass-fiber
Gasket Dove-tailed EPDM;Endless PU foam
Max.working temperature 80ºC

Standard specifications:

Model Filter Class
Rated Air Flow
Initial Resistance
AKW-E11/H13/H14/U15 E11/H13/H14/U15 610*610*70 600 60/100/135/140
AKW-E11/H13/H14/U15 E11/H13/H14/U15 1220*610*70 1200 60/100/135/140
AKW-E11/H13/H14/U15 E11/H13/H14/U15 610*610*90 1000 80/145/160/190
AKW-E11/H13/H14/U15 E11/H13/H14/U15 1220*610*90 2000 80/145/160/190
AKW-E11/H13/H14 E11/H13/H14 610*610*110 1200 55/110/120
AKW-E11/H13/H14 E11/H13/H14 1220*610*110 2400 55/110/120
AKW-E11/H13/H14 E11/H13/H14 610*610*150 1200 55/100/120
AKW-E11/H13/H14 E11/H13/H14 1220*610*150 2400 55/100/120

Other sizes are available on request.


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