Spray Nozzle

 Stainless steel 360-degree rotary cleaning tank nozzle cleaning and bottle rotary cleaning nozzle

Specializing in the production and sales of sanitary centrifugal pumps, sanitary CIP return pumps, rotor pumps, high shears Cutting (intermittent) emulsifier/pipeline high shear dispersing emulsifier and ISO, DIN, IDF and 3A standard stainless steel sanitary joints, clamps, quick-release elbows, U-shaped pipes, concentric reducing diameters, three-way, ball valves, Quick installation diaphragm valve, quick installation butterfly valve, quick installation sight glass, manhole cover, microporous membrane cartridge filter, diaphragm pressure gauge, washer, respirator, floor drain and other fluid equipment complete set of pipeline accessories.

Full cone spray pattern with a round superimposed impact area 7pcs. of 1/4″ PT full cone spray nozzles are screwed into very compact header.
Spray droplet diameter is about half that of other single-head full cone spray nozzles having the same spray capacity.
X-shaped core provides large free passage diameter for minimal clogging.


Common Application

Exhaust gas cooling, cleaning, and moisture control, dust suppression, etc.
Washing and cooling of net, can, barrel, case, vegetable, fruit, meat product, fish paste, etc.
Tank cleaning.

 Product Name Large Flow 360 Degree Rotating High-Pressure Tank Cleaning Spray Nozzles
 Model 6353, 10250
 Material Stainless Steel
 Thread Type NPT, BSPT
 Thread Size 1-1/2”, 3”
 Flow Rate 35–1500 L/min
 Spray Angle 360°
 Spray Pattern Full Cone
 Working Pressure Within 4 Bar
 Smallest Inlet Diameter 130mm or 230mm
 Features Large flow capacity for big tanks (up to 3 meters in diameter) cleaning Flow Rates can be changed by using the size of 1/4” or 1/8” full cone spray nozzle Clogging Resistance
 Application For big tanks cleaning, etc.
 Packing Plastic Bag+ Carton, Special requirements are available
 Delivery Within 7 Days after receiving the payment
 Custom Made Available


CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD was founded in 1997 and located in Chang an town, Dong guan city, Guang dong province, China. Specializing in the production of spray nozzles, plastic nozzles, mist nozzles, water treatment nozzles, sand blasting nozzles and other metal or plastic products. We has been formed R&D, production and sales of high tech company network integration. 

CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD has Japanese automatic CNC lathes(precision<=2um) and measurement systems for the nozzle follow,angle,impact, force,water distribution ,particle size ,etc. Detection accuracy are reached international level that we can supply a god quality products to our customers.

Our products of high quality widely used in a variety of coating, electroplating, electronic, steel, environmental protection and dust removal, purification, paper making, textile industry, food, vehicles, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, paper making, ship making , humidifying, disinfection, cleaning, sand blasting, water treatment etc.

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