A nozzle is a simple device used to break up a fluid stream into spray patterns. Although nozzles may seem simple, we have a large number of different products in our range, reflecting the many ways in which different industries need to spray various fluids. Our product range includes tens of thousands of nozzle design variants, and our entire business is built around suggesting and selling unassuming nozzles, which is why we’re the spray nozzle people.

There are 5 basic spray pattern types: flat fan, solid flow, solid cone, hollow cone, and fog/mist. Various nozzle designs were deployed to create these patterns, and the details of each can be found in the sections below. Air atomizing nozzles have their section as they can be used to create many different patterns and work in a completely different way than hydraulic nozzles. Similarly, the various tank cleaning nozzles and cleaning heads available are organized into their sections. Finally, we have a section for special-purpose nozzles that logically does not fit into any other section.

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Flat Fan Nozzles

Flat fan nozzles produce a spray line. They are typically used for coating and cleaning applications on conveyor belts where the product passes underneath the spray bar of several fan nozzles. Fan nozzles are available in two main designs: deflected and standard shape orifices.

Hollow Cone Nozzles

Hollow cone spray patterns Hollow cone nozzles produce a ring of spray. This spray pattern usually consists of the smallest droplet size in any spray pattern. Three nozzle designs can be made to produce hollow cones: spiral, axial vortex, and tangential vortex.

Full Cone Nozzles

Full Cone Nozzles Full cone nozzles produce a solid circular spray. These nozzles are used when the goal is to distribute the fluid evenly over an area. As with hollow cone nozzles, three nozzle designs produce a full cone pattern.

Mist Nozzles

Fog / Fig Pattern Nozzles Fog or mist patterns are characterized by fine atomization of the fluid with little or no momentum. A uniform fog is produced, guided primarily by the surrounding airflow rather than the nozzle itself. Two design types can produce this pattern: impact and small orifice.

Tank Washing Nozzles

The tank washing nozzle mode nozzle tank cleaning “mode” requires that fluid be delivered to the entire area of the vessel to be cleaned. Typically, this means 360 degrees of fluid delivery. There are 3 basic tank cleaner designs to achieve this: rotary jet cleaners for high impact, rotary fan cleaners for medium impact, and static cleaners for low impact.

Air Atomizing Nozzles

Air atomization pattern nozzles air atomization is not such a pattern. The use of air to break up the fluid is a fundamental change to the way standard pneumatic nozzles operate, so air atomizers are guaranteed to have a patterned portion of them. All patterns except solid streams can be created with air-atomizing nozzles, and a variety of design variants are available within this group.

Special Purpose Nozzles

Special Purpose Nozzles This section includes nozzles that cannot be naturally installed in other sections or used for very specific applications (e.g. spray drying).

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