A fire fighting nozzle is a nozzle with high professional demand because it is suitable for use in fire accidents. Hence, quality requirements are essential when purchasing a fire fighting nozzle. For example, the products placed in the European and American markets generally need to pass CE certification. Therefore, when we purchase a fire fighting nozzle, we can also observe whether the product has the relevant certification mark to determine whether the product meets our quality needs.

Certification standards for fire fighting nozzle

Although we can find CE marking on many products to determine their quality, firefighting nozzles do not fall under any of the directives or regulations related to CE marking. That’s why there is no CE marking on these products. However, a European standard applies to nozzles; EN 15182. but the manufacturer is not obliged to implement these standard specifications.

However, as a customer, you should make sure, especially when buying nozzles, that they come from a reputable manufacturer and are certified according to EN 15182 for safety’s sake! That’s because the standard specifies requirements in terms of weight, quantity adjustment, throwing range, etc., and also requires safety-critical testing of the product, such as pressure and drop tests.

The Fire Fighting Nozzle is also certified to RTE FX, a standard developed for firefighters worldwide. CYCO Spray has been pursuing the highest quality to meet the needs of more customers, and our Fire Fighting Nozzle products are being developed to meet this certified quality.

One of the actual fire tests of the RTE FX certification standard is the use of the nozzle in a real fire instructor’s coaching session. In other words, on a fire container trainer’s course. Here, the test nozzle was used for at least 8 hours per day for 5 consecutive days in firefighting operations. It is deployed as a safety nozzle for flashover training, tactical training, smoke cooling, and training in proper firefighting methods. All of this was done on natural fires in real situations. With a final test period of 5 days, RTE FX proved once again, among other things, that it was developed for operational use.

Therefore, when purchasing a fire fighting nozzle, we should consider a product with basic EN certification. Still, if we are looking for the highest quality specifications, RTE FX certified products are also available. To customize high-quality nozzles and find reliable quality nozzle manufacturers, choose CYCO Spray.


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