Blowing with compressed air is commonly used in industry to clean large, hard-to-reach areas. For these hard-to-clean areas, it is convenient to use compressed air blowing. In this case, manual blowing with a blow gun or air gun is practical and easy to install. However, in some cases, the quality and efficiency of blowing can be improved by installing a fixed air nozzle.

Efficient blowing with compressed air nozzles

In applications where frequent manual blowing of compressed air is required, installing fixed-air nozzles is very beneficial. Fixed nozzles increase the efficiency of compressed air usage, improve the blowing applications’ quality, and save operators valuable time. Cleaning and drying are two typical blowing applications that have been improved using fixed air nozzle installations.

air nozzle

Cleaning with compressed air

Cleaning with compressed air is very common in the manufacturing industry. Cleaning applications can range from large area blowing to tip blowing of small parts.

Tip-blowing is also helpful for cleaning sensors and cameras on machines. Debris buildup on photocells, sensors, and cameras can negatively impact product quality. Tip-blowing eliminates debris buildup, thereby improving product quality and reducing product rejects.

Fixed air nozzles are more appropriate for this blowing application than manual blow guns. Cleaning can be done continuously to ensure accurate readings are obtained during manufacturing.

Blow dry with compressed air after washing

Like cleaning applications, blow drying with compressed air is expected in the industry. Drying may be compromised manually using a blowpipe, air gun, or blowgun. If the product is not adequately dried, it will affect other production processes and harm product quality.

Fixed air nozzle installations improve the quality and efficiency of drying applications. Products can often be dried more thoroughly and faster without stopping the production line. This leads to better working processes and more efficient use of expensive compressed air.

In many cases, a fixed air nozzle unit should be used instead of a manual blow gun. When properly installed, fixed air nozzle solutions use less compressed air, produce a more efficient process, blow better, and have higher quality manufactured products. If you are also interested in replacing air nozzles for your production plant and would like a viable solution, please contact CYCO Spray, a professional Nozzle Manufacturer who can provide you with a professional nozzle customization solution.


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