Fan-shaped nozzles, as the name suggests, is the shape of the liquid sprayed from the nozzles like a fan-shaped. According to the size of the fan-shaped opening, different angles of fan-shaped surfaces can be generated, and the flow rate and size of the fan-shaped nozzle are various, which is convenient for customers to choose. The fan-shaped produced by cycospray The nozzle flow accuracy is guaranteed, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements or drawings.
Features of shaped nozzle:
Features of shaped nozzle:
1) The spray channel is large and smooth, which reduces the blocking phenomenon.
2) The spray particles are fine and uniform.
3) Can produce fan-shaped sprays of various angles.
4) The nozzle adopts the unit combination connection method, which is convenient for installation and replacement. The filter screen can be added, and it is easy to clean.
5) The fan nozzle is easy to install and remove, and can be installed or replaced on most piping systems.
6) There are many connection methods for fan nozzles, such as NPT or BSPT (external) thread type.
7) The material of the fan nozzle can be customized according to the customer’s use, usually 1/4 inch-inch nozzle can be made of stainless steel (SS04, 303, 316, 316L), respectively.
Brass (BRASS), silicon carbide, plastic (PVC, ABS, FUD), ceramics, and other materials.
Fan nozzle type: narrow angle nozzle, wide angle nozzle, combined fan nozzle, single fan nozzle, self-cleaning fan nozzle, flat type


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