You can see that very few people use 0° cylindrical nozzles, whether it’s an irrigation machine or a pressure washer. Most users use 15°, 25°, and 40° fan-shaped nozzles. So, what are the differences between these nozzles with different angles in actual use? This article will give you a brief introduction and let you know the difference between them.

Cylindrical pressure washer nozzles:

Based on the continuous improvement and evolution of the conical convergent nozzle, it belongs to the most popular and standard water jet nozzle. Generally, cylindrical nozzles for guns and traditional high-pressure nozzles use cylindrical high-pressure cleaner nozzles.

The 0° nozzle is straight, with concentrated water pressure and strong impact. It is suitable for cleaning machine wheel gaps, stubborn dirt, tank heat exchanger cleaning, floor cleaning, municipal street cleaning, factory cleaning, rust removal, concrete removal, etc.

However, water consumption is significant, especially when washing a large area, seriously affecting wastewater.

Fan-shaped high-pressure washer nozzle: It is uniformly sprayed by rotating, and the jet density is excellent, and you can spray it according to different angles of use. It is very flexible and convenient to use. Not only that, the fan nozzle has a more extensive cleaning area than the cylindrical nozzle, especially in the concrete roughening operation. It has more prominent advantages.

15° nozzle, small fan-shaped nozzle, high water pressure, faster cleaning of dirt

25° degree nozzle, medium fan-shaped nozzle, area, used for washing car body, road surface, etc. with higher efficiency, rust removal, and paint removal,

40° nozzle, large water outlet area, suitable for close-range cleaning of road surfaces, walls, hull decks, etc.

In general, fan nozzles are more suitable for various use environments, and they are also more water-efficient.


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