Spray Nozzle

Flooding Spoon Deflector Narrow Angle Flat Fan Nozzle Stainless Steel Narrow Angle Vee Jet Nozzles Narrow Angle Flat Fan


1. Flat spray pattern ideal for use in spray headers or manifolds;

2. Tapered-edge spray pattern to ensure even coverage when multiple nozzles are used in a series

3.Wide choice of materials 

V series narrow angle spray nozzle features a very high impact flat fan spray pattern with narrow spray angles.They produce a uniform spray distribution of medium-sized droplet.The spray pattern has sharply defined edges.It is one-piece desigh with male screw thread. A large,unobstructed flow passage minimizes clogging problems.Besides,narrow angle spray nozzles offer a precision designed deflector surface which produces a uniform, high impact spray pattern.


Common Application

  1. Crushed stone gravel washing
  2. High impact washing
  3. Oil removing
  4. Fruit and vegetable washing
  5. Paper machine deckle spraying
Model V series
Material SS,SS304,Brass
Thread size 1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4″ male thread
Spray pattern Flat fan
Flow rate 2.3-144 L/Min
Spray angle 15-50 Degrees


CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD was founded in 1997 and located in Chang an town, Dong guan city, Guang dong province, China. Specializing in the production of spray nozzles, plastic nozzles, mist nozzles, water treatment nozzles, sand blasting nozzles and other metal or plastic products. We has been formed R&D, production and sales of high tech company network integration. 

CY spraying & purification tech.CO.,LTD has Japanese automatic CNC lathes(precision<=2um) and measurement systems for the nozzle follow,angle,impact, force,water distribution ,particle size ,etc. Detection accuracy are reached international level that we can supply a god quality products to our customers.

Our products of high quality widely used in a variety of coating, electroplating, electronic, steel, environmental protection and dust removal, purification, paper making, textile industry, food, vehicles, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, paper making, ship making , humidifying, disinfection, cleaning, sand blasting, water treatment etc.

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