Choose a Chemical Resistant Nozzle

There are now many nozzle options to choose from to extend service life and reduce downtime.

Clip-on Nozzle

The quick-connect clip-on nozzle features a stainless steel clamp that quickly clamps the existing spray head to the plastic spray head. Outer caps then provide a more comprehensive selection of quick-change spray tips.

The clip-on nozzle assembly facilitates quick disassembly and assembly without the need for nozzle assembly tools. In addition, the adjustment of nozzle direction and route can be directly realized by manual operation. In addition to the convenience, clip-on nozzles feature polypropylene construction that withstands high temperatures and is highly resistant to corrosion. Many manufacturers use clip-on nozzles for phosphating, heat sealing, and cleaning metal parts as they pass through a pretreatment tunnel.

fast-changing nozzle

Plastic quick-change nozzles are another option for spraying phosphates, acids, solvents, or caustic. Unique liquid design can corrode metal nozzles, and quick-change nozzles are chemically coupled and molded; glass-reinforced polypropylene combines strength and durability with excellent chemical resistance. Compared with traditional threaded nozzles, it is easier to disassemble and install tool-free nozzles and reduce downtime.


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