Product washing, fire control, metal processing cleaning, spray coating, cooling Li fire. Clear the oil, clean the dirt, clean the keys
Chemical spraying, chemical cleaning, rain test painting, etc. For example, fan-shaped nozzles are used for cleaning nozzles and refrigerators in industries such as washing, Yanpin, food, side iron, and paper making. Residual dirt and chemical substances generated during the production process
In the chemical industry cleaning, it can clean the chemical dirt. In many chemical chemical production, the cleaned sewage is usually used. And the thick fan-shaped nozzle only needs a small amount of water to clean any surface, which can save a lot of water resources. It meets the requirements of modern industry for energy saving and environmental protection.
Mine dust removal spray nozzle
A large amount of dust is generated in the production process of ore loading and unloading, blasting, etc., and it is not possible to use local exhaust to purify and only use comprehensive ventilation and dust removal, which cannot meet the hygiene standards.
On time, spray dust removal method can be used to reduce the amount of dust in the air. It can be used in blasting, loading and unloading, Zijing, funnel mine, etc.


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