Industrial nozzles are also called nozzles, often referred to as nozzles. Most industrial nozzles are used in various spraying, oil spraying, sandblasting, spraying, and other equipments and have different effects. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electronics, cement, food, and paper; occupations such as printing, farming, and animal husbandry can be ubiquitous.

Classification of industrial nozzles
Industrial nozzles include two categories: industrial nozzles and general industrial nozzles. Industrial nozzles can refer to the nozzles in the encyclopedia. To meet industrial production needs, nozzles have developed several types of products. There are several types of one-fluid nozzles, two-fluid nozzles, and multi-fluid nozzles. The spray shape of the liquid sprayed from the nozzle is different, and it can also be divided into fan nozzles, circular nozzles, square nozzles, and linear nozzles. General industrial nozzles are divided into the following categories:

  1. Industrial nozzles can be divided into
    Metal nozzles, plastic nozzles, ceramic nozzles, alloy nozzles.
  2. Industrial nozzles can be divided into spray shapes
    Conical nozzles, square nozzles, rectangular nozzles, oval nozzles, fan nozzles, column flow (DC) nozzles, etc. Except for the latter two nozzles, there are two types of solid and hollow nozzles.
  3. Industrial nozzles can be divided into
    Single (one) fluid nozzle, dual (two) fluid nozzle, multi-fluid nozzle.
    Fourth, industrial nozzles can be divided into
    Petrochemical nozzles, agricultural nozzles, textile nozzles, papermaking nozzles, printing nozzles, environmental protection (used for desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, etc.) nozzles, iron and steel metallurgy nozzles, coking nozzles, electronic nozzles, food nozzles, etc.
    Five industrial nozzles can be divided into spray media
    Oil nozzles, powder nozzles, gas nozzles, mixed media nozzles, coal-water slurry nozzles, etc.

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