The brass spray nozzle is an industrial device. Metal nozzles occupy a vital position in industrial nozzles and are also widely used in industry. That is, they occupy a relatively large share in the nozzle market.

Brass nozzles are classified according to different application scenarios: precision nozzles, fan nozzles, atomizing nozzles, spiral nozzles, desulfurization nozzles, long diameter nozzles, conical nozzles, rosin nozzles, dust atomizing nozzles, cooling nozzles, dust removal nozzles, Fan nozzle, fine atomizing nozzle, spray gun, spray equipment, and other metal nozzle advantages: good sealing, high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weldability, and other metal common advantages.

Application areas of brass spray nozzle

Metal nozzles are widely used in the cleaning field, mainly for their strong sealing, high wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Mainly in the field of cleaning: cleaning of metal bottles, cans, and lids in food processing plants; cleaning of items on metal suspension chains, washing of cars; Cleaning of iron sand on top; cleaning of fruits and vegetables; cleaning of bottles and cans; cleaning of blankets and meshes in paper mills; high-pressure cleaning; disinfection of sanitary equipment in food processing plants; cleaning of metal tanks and container walls; glass in the mirror industry Cleaning; cleaning of electronic circuit boards; industrial equipment cleaning, etc.

The application of metal nozzles in the metallurgical industry is also significant, mainly using the advantages of corrosion resistance and weldability of metal nozzles, mainly in the metallurgical field: the continuous casting of billets, cleaning after pickling; flue gas desulfurization in power plants and sintering plants; thin slabs Continuous casting, coil cleaning; belt transfer station, loading and unloading dust control; iron mixing furnace dust removal, rolling mill outlet dust removal; high-temperature dust removal, cold rolling emulsion blowing; section steel and steel pipe cooling, converter dust removal; steel pipe quenching, high-pressure descaling, belt Oiling before steel coils are scattered; mandrel lubrication, ammonia water spraying on coke oven riser pipes, mandrel cooling; coking waste oil spraying, wetting of galvanized line strip; galvanized line strip cleaning and rinsing, etc.

There are also many applications in cooling series, environmental protection series, papermaking series, humidification, disinfection series, spraying series, etc.


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