According to the spray shape:

  • Fan nozzle
  • Square nozzle <including rectangular nozzle>
  • Liquid column flow nozzle
  • Conical nozzle <solid cone nozzle, hollow cone nozzle, oval nozzle>
  • Fine atomizing nozzle
  • Air atomizing nozzle

Differentiated by the concept: Universal Metal Nozzle, Quick Release Nozzle, Clip Nozzle, Combination Nozzle, Adjustable Ball Nozzle, Adjustable Thread Ball Nozzle, Anti-Drip Nozzle, Narrow-Angle Nozzle, Wide Angle Nozzle, Double Nozzle, Rotary Nozzle, Damped Rotary Nozzle, Full-circle rotating nozzle, vortex type single outlet nozzle, vortex type four outlet nozzle. Refraction atomizing nozzle, rotating nozzle, simple nozzle, special-shaped nozzle

Distinguished by performance: spiral nozzle, mixed flow nozzle, blowing nozzle, rosin nozzle, FD fine atomizing nozzle, bottle cleaning nozzle, fan nozzle for air steam, spray drying nozzle, fire nozzle, air shower nozzle, dust removal nozzle, humidification nozzle, Strong cooling nozzles, cleaning nozzles, desulfurization nozzles, vortex nozzles, etching machine nozzles, combustion nozzles, fuel nozzles, gas nozzles, mine dust removal nozzles, PCB circuit board process nozzles, garden landscape nozzles, fog nozzles. Steel industry nozzles, chemical industry nozzles, paper industry nozzles

Distinguish by material: Metal nozzles: stainless steel nozzles, brass nozzles, steel nozzles

Plastic nozzle: PP nozzle, UPE nozzle, ABS nozzle, PTFE nozzle

Ceramic nozzles, ceramic inlaid nozzles, silicon carbide nozzles, and other nozzles


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