Chemical properties depend on the method of use recommended by the chemical manufacturer. Choosing the proper nozzle and using the correct operation method is imperative.

Careful cleaning of clogged nozzles can prolong nozzle life and enhance nozzle usage. To ensure the nozzle’s spray effect, the nozzle’s nozzle is carefully carved. Even injuries caused by improper cleaning can affect the flow and spray distribution. Be sure to use an adequate filter and spray system to reduce clogging during use.

If the nozzle does become clogged, it should only be cleaned with a soft brush or toothpick, and be very careful during cleaning; even using a wooden toothpick to clean the nozzle opening may distort the orifice.

The nozzle is the source of gas shielding for the welding torch. The shape of the nozzle has a significant influence on the airflow movement. The commonly used nozzle shapes are cylindrical and conical.

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