Along with global economy’s development, mechanization is becoming more and more common. Farms, breeding industry, planting, these agriculture industries, are gradually upgraded  to mechanized and automation from traditional labor mode.

Even a small misting atomization nozzle can be discharged into this mechanized industry. Actually the spray nozzle is an essential part of industrial supplies, the equivalent of parts inside an electronic device. They look unobtruse, but actually can not be separated.

Let’s talk about the misting atomized nozzles used in the agriculture industry.

Misting Nozzle used in the planting Farm

Some greenhouse or farms in the tropical and subtropical zone, It need adjust the temperature or humidification in the air. In this moment, the misting nozzles spraying system become a excellent choice. It could cool down and control the temperature in a certain scope. And also has the function of humidification effect.

Generally, it can used for Humidifying, disinfecting and cooling in greenhouse, , plant nursery, edible fungi cultivation, fruit-vegetable cultivation.

plastic misting nozzle used in agriculture

Misting Nozzle Applied in Agriculture 1

Misting Nozzle in the breeding and livestock production industry

The cooling nozzle of breeding farm is also the simplest misting nozzle, mostly used is plastic misting nozzle. and this kind of mist nozzles can also be called fine misting nozzles and air atomization nozzles.

misting nozzle used in agriculture

Fine mist nozzle can be make of stainless steel, brass, or plastic materials. Built-in filter element is for easy removal and cleaning. The particles after atomization under 10-70 kg of water pressure can reach 1-5 umes. That will become the smoke state. It will also can be used to for cooling, humidifying and disinfecting in the breeding industry.

misting-nozzle-used-in-breeding and livestock production industry

This is the simple mist nozzle used in the farms. It look singless, But it  can play a significant role in the agriculture field.


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