First of all, we know that the use of cleaning nozzles is also very extensive. We need to carry out cleaning work in many of our processes, but we have to consider three factors in the specific selection. First, we should consider the pressure flow of the nozzle. Generally speaking, the pressure flow of the cleaning nozzle device is in a proportional relationship.

The second point we need to consider is that for the selection of nozzle materials, the specific working medium determines which nozzles we use specifically. For example, some are in a corrosive environment, some are in a relatively high viscosity environment, and there are differences. of.
The third point we need to pay attention to is the problem of cleaning the nozzle. The working temperature of the cleaning spray equipment is generally not too high. The working temperature has a great influence on the working medium handled by the spray equipment. Some working mediums will increase the viscosity at lower temperatures, so it is very necessary to know the problem.


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