1. According to the material classification, it can be divided into: metal nozzle, plastic nozzle, ceramic nozzle, alloy nozzle;

2. According to the spray shape classification, it can be divided into conical nozzle, square nozzle, rectangular nozzle, elliptical nozzle, fan nozzle, column nozzle, etc., except for the latter two nozzles, both solid and hollow;

3. According to the application industry classification, it can be divided into industrial nozzles, agricultural nozzles, textile nozzles, paper nozzles, printing nozzles, environmental protection (desulfurization, denitrification, denitrification, dust removal, etc.) nozzles, steel metallurgy nozzles, coking nozzles, electronic nozzles, food Nozzle, etc.

4. According to the classification of spray media, it can be divided into water nozzle, oil nozzle, powder nozzle, gas nozzle, mixed medium nozzle, coal water slurry nozzle and so on.
The materials of these nozzles are generally divided into two types:

Gem nozzle This nozzle is commonly used in early inkjet printers. The nozzle is extruded into a stainless steel outer circle with a diameter of about 2 mm. The gemstone has a hole with a diameter of 30-80 μm. 2 Stainless steel nozzles are now used by most manufacturers. The stainless steel nozzle is made of a stainless steel disc with a diameter of about 5 mm and a thickness of 1 mm. The laser is used to burn a hole with a diameter of 30-80 μm.


When choosing a nozzle, if you don’t know which one to choose, please see the detailed instructions:

1. Production process gemstone nozzle In the production process, the gemstone piece is easy to be crushed, which is more complicated. The stainless steel inkjet printer is relatively simple, as long as the laser is used to punch holes in the stainless steel piece.

2. The smoothness of the gemstone nozzle is relatively high, there is no burr. The stainless steel nozzle is burnt by laser, the burr is generally more, not smooth. However, by grinding, the finish can also reach the level of the gem nozzle.

3. Adjusting the breakpoint of the gemstone nozzle Because the distance between the gemstone piece and the crystal shock is not fixed (the depth of the gem piece in the outer circle of the stainless steel is determined by the strength of the extrusion process), it is troublesome to adjust the good break point. The thickness of the stainless steel nozzle is due to the thickness. Consistent, basically as long as the grinding is better, it is easy to break out a good point.

4. Cost comparison gem nozzles are much more expensive than stainless steel nozzles

In summary, the gem nozzle has a higher finish, but the cost is higher, and it is a fixed nozzle, which is suitable for some places with special and strict requirements, and the popular use of stainless steel nozzles. It can be freely shaped and cheap, and can be replaced at will.


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