The feature of solid cone standard angle nozzle is that it can produce solid cone spray shape, the spray area is circular, and the spray angle is 43°-106°. The nozzles produce a uniformly distributed spray with medium to large droplet sizes over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. This uniform spray distribution is derived from the vane design and large, unobstructed flow channels and excellent control characteristics.
Nozzles are precision manufactured to precise dimensions for accurate and reliable performance. This nozzle works well in jet applications that require complete coverage of an area.
The nozzles have removable caps and vanes that fit well with headers and manifolds. It is designed to remove the working end (cap and vanes) from the nozzle for servicing and cleaning without having to remove the nozzle body from the header.
General application

• Washing and rinsing process
• Quenching and cooling of coke, primary metals and other materials
• Inhibits fugitive dust during processing of bulk ore, coal, limestone, sand and gravel


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