There are many types of sprinklers to choose from under tree sprinklers. Factors to be considered include water quality issues, the types of crops grown and the difficulty of post-maintenance.
Under-tree sprinkler irrigation has certain advantages over top-level sprinkler irrigation: it avoids wetting the leaves, so it doesn’t wash off various medicines from the plants, and it doesn’t leave hard water stains on the fruit. This sprinkler irrigation system has moderate flow and pressure, and is easy to achieve automatic control.
For under-tree irrigation, there are several types of sprinkler options available: These low-flow sprinklers, sometimes called micro-jets, micro-sprinklers, or mini-sprinkler (low-flow micro-sprinklers) ). Irrigation consultant Mr. Isabelle Boyer said: “The choice of irrigation device basically depends on the water source, plant density and irrigation water quality.” In addition, the cost per mu of micro-spraying has not changed much in recent years, about 1000-1500 RMB/mu. Atomizing micro-sprinklers can be used as an alternative to drip irrigation. The atomizing micro-sprinkler is the one with the smallest nozzle diameter among the micro-sprinklers, which is used for local micro-irrigation. It has a small flow and is easy to block, so it has higher requirements on the filtration system. When the water quality is very poor, this atomizing nozzle cannot be used. The Micro-Sprinkler is used in pruned dense orchards and is a micro-irrigation sprinkler with a centered nozzle diameter. In densely planted orchards, it wets the entire irrigated area, so it can be used to maintain grass under trees, not easily clogged, and as a frost protection measure. Low-flow sprinklers for low-density plantations. Small-flow sprinklers, also known as Min-sprayers (small sprinklers), are the sprinklers with the largest range in micro-spraying. They are suitable for orchards planted with medium and low density, and are not suitable for dense rows of trees: because the trunk will block water. Spraying affects the uniformity of irrigation.

Once a micro-sprinkler type is selected, different models of that type can be compared and selected. Many brands offer high-efficiency micro-sprinklers. There is no doubt that micro-sprinklers with pressure regulation are the best. However, the price of this type of micro-sprinkler is relatively high, and it is only suitable for specific occasions, such as irrigation on a long plot with a large height difference.


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